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northeast building productsOur premium vinyl windows can be installed in just 4 to 6 weeks, and you will have a lifetime of energy savings. We only provide the highest quality replacement windows that will make your home more comfortable, and look beautiful for years to come – Plus these new windows make your home quieter from the outside. We also will wrap the windows on the outside with our custom window trim coverage, and then you never have to paint the exterior window trim again. Stateside Exteriors provide expert window installation services.

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The Crusader® Series is Northeast Building Product’s premium window line, precision crafted using only the most advanced technologies. These technologies include Sashlite®, a revolutionary spacer system that integrates the spacer directly into the sash profile. The result is a window with superior structural strength, industry leading thermal performance, and the highest levels of beauty, quality, value, and style.

Precision Crafted Using Only The Most Advanced Technologies.
Crusader® double hung windows are among the most popular window styles and feature vinyl sashes that move in a vertical direction. Features of our Crusader® double hung windows include frame and sash corners which are miter cut and fusion welded for superior structural integrity, premium double strength glass, and aluminum reinforced interlocking sashes for maximum seal protection where the sashes meet.


TrustGard™ Double-Hung
The classic good looks and outstanding performance of TrustGard™ make it the brand more homeowners and builders rely on for low maintenance, high performance and long-lasting appeal. If your family has problems with drafts, water leaks, uneven room temperatures or disturbing outdoor noises – or if your windows just don’t look as nice as the rest of your home – TrustGard™ windows are the answer.

TrustGard™ Double Hung Windows Feature Outstanding Performance And Easy Care & Maintenance.
One of the most popular window styles on the market, double hung windows feature vinyl sashes that move along a vertical plane. TrustGard™ double hung windows feature outstanding performance and easy care maintenance as well as miter cut, fusion welded corners, 7/8 insulated glass utilizing PPG Intercept® warm-edge technology, deluxe dual ventilation latches for easy venting, and interlocking sashes for maximum sash seal protection.


Crusader® Sliding
For the ultimate in energy efficiency and performance, Crusader® series sliding windows feature the revolutionary Sashlite® insulating glass technology. Crusader® premium sliding windows are among the most popular window styles and can help fill a room with natural light and views of the outdoors, all while providing a sleek, streamlined look. Sliding windows feature sashes that glide smoothly from side-to-side along grooves on the frame structure.

Crusader® Series Sliding Windows Feature The Revolutionary Sashlite® Insulating Glass Technology.
Additional features of the Crusader® sliding window include operating sashes that are removable for easy cleaning and a specially designed brass roller system that lets the sash operate with minimal effort. Crusader® sliding windows are available in 2-lite and 3-lite configurations.


TrustGard™ Sliding
It’s easy to see the quality built into every TrustGard™ sliding window, including fusion welded corners, 7/8″ insulated glass technology and a fully weather-stripped sash, all engineered to today’s demanding standards for energy efficiency.

A Perfect Solution For Areas Such As Walkways Or Patios, Where Projecting Windows Would Be Obtrusive.
Sliding windows, sometimes called sliders, open and close horizontally, and are a perfect solution for areas such as walkways or patios, where projecting windows would be obtrusive. These sleek, contemporary windows are a perfect fit for hard to reach areas such as above a sink. TrustGard™ sliding windows are easy to clean and operate, and offer excellent ventilation, security, and energy efficiency.


Crusader® Picture
Maybe one of your favorite rooms is just a little too dark, even on sunny days. Or perhaps you have a beautiful view outside your home that’s not so easy to see from indoors. With a Crusader® picture window, you can open up any room to more sun and wider vistas while you create a dramatic aesthetic statement. Crusader® picture windows are fusion welded for strength and durability, so they’re as strong as they are beautiful.

Crusader® Picture Windows Include Many Features.
Crusader® picture windows coordinate perfectly with casement windows to pull together a complete look for your home.


TrustGard Picture
TrustGard™ picture windows feature a modern, streamlined look and are perfect for rooms with a beautiful outdoor view. These energy-efficient windows offer unobstructed sightlines and are great for filling a room with natural light. And you can be sure each TrustGard™ window will be a perfect fit, because we custom-make each window to fit the precise opening in your home.

Miter Cut And Fusion Welded For Increased Strength And Durability.
Combine a picture window with TrustGard™ double hung windows, and you’ll achieve an elegant, contemporary look. All TrustGard™ picture windows feature the energy-efficient Intercept® technology and are miter cut and fusion welded for increased strength and durability. TrustGard™ picture windows can also be ordered with an optional Camelot® Performance Package.


Crusader® Casement
Crusader® casement windows can make a dramatic difference in your home’s appearance. Always a popular style, our casements open outward via a crank handle and offers ease-of-use, dependability, value and energy efficiency. These stylish windows can also be combined to form two-lite, three-lite, or even four or five-lite units for a sleek, contemporary look.

Their Ease Of Operation Also Make Casement Windows An Excellent Choice For Hard-To-Reach Locations, Such As Over The Kitchen Sink.
Every Crusader® casement window opens a full 90 degrees, so it’s easy to let in the spring breezes – and to clean both sides of the window from inside your home. Their ease of operation also makes casement windows an excellent choice for hard-to-reach locations, such as over the kitchen sink. Crusader® casement windows feature the revolutionary Sashlite® insulating glass technology for the ultimate in energy efficiency and performance.


Crusader® Awning
Awning windows are hinged on top and swing outward to open. These sleek, contemporary windows are usually rectangular, and wider than they are long. Our Crusader® awning windows offer ample light and ventilation and can be used alone or with a casement window. All Crusader® awning windows feature the revolutionary Sashlite® technology for superior performance and energy efficiency, and are fusion welded for superior strength and durability.

Our Crusader® Awning Windows Offer Ample Light And Ventilation And Can Be Used Alone Or With A Casement Window.
Additional features of our Crusader® awning windows include: premium double strength glass, maintenance-free 100% virgin vinyl, and insulating installation jamb foam for enhanced draft resistance.


TrustGard Hopper
Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward. These versatile windows offer excellent ventilation and are perfectly suited for small spaces such as a shower or tub area, or for large spaces such as a basement. Trustgard™ Hopper windows feature a lever style handle that fits into the locking mechanism for security.

Our TrustGard Hopper Windows Offer Ample Light And Ventilation And Can Be Used Alone Or With A Casement Or Picture Window.
Additional features of our TrustGard™ hopper windows include: premium double strength glass, maintenance-free 100% virgin vinyl, and insulating installation jamb foam for enhanced draft resistance.


Camelot® Bay
A stylish bay window can add character, beauty and value to your home and pleasure to your family’s life. And Camelot® bay windows from Northeast Building Products are as durable as they are beautiful. Featuring the revolutionary Sashlite® integrated spacer technology, our bay windows offer the highest levels of performance, energy efficiency, value and style.

Featuring The Revolutionary Sashlite® Integrated Spacer Technology.
In general, a bay window is an angular, multi-panel window that projects out from the wall line, increasing the viewing area and creating additional space inside the home. The most typical bay window consists of a fixed center lite flanked on either side by two double hung or casement windows. The side windows project at either 9, 15, 30, or 45 degree angles.


Camelot® Bow
A bow window is recognized by its smooth, graceful curve and its expansive, open views.  Viewed from the outside of the home, they make a unique, dramatic statement. Camelot® bow windows feature a consistent radius throughout, which is achieved by joining multiple, equal-sized windows. The wider each window, the deeper the curve and the more the bow will project from the home. For safety and stability, all Camelot® bow windows have threaded steel rods and an optional cable support system.

As Durable As They Are Beautiful.
Northeast Building Products can create a custom-designed bow window that combines fixed lites with casement or double hungwindows to produce a dramatic yet elegant look. Camelot® bow windows feature the revolutionary Sashlite® insulating glass technology for unsurpassed energy efficiency, quality, dependability and style.