Storm damage in Villas, NJ

Stateside Exteriors: Storm & Hail Damage Repair

Storm damage can be devastating to your home's exterior. Roofs, Siding, Windows and Gutters can all be effected by the ravages of a severe storm. You may not even realize how badly damaged your home is because some of the damage cannot be seen without a thorough inspection or the roof, shingles, flashing, gutters, soffits, fascia, windows and siding exterior.

Did you know that most storm damage is covered by your home owners insurance?

Why take a chance, let us come out and give your home a free home inspection with no obligation to see if there are signs of storm damage. You may even qualify to have your insurance cover the cost of repairs. With over 12 years of working with home owners from storm damage we qualify as experts for any exterior repairs.

Stateside Exteriors Storm Damage Process.

  1. Call Us to schedule an expert inspection
  2. During the inspection we review for hail damage, wind damage, etc.
  3. We will assist you with contacting your insurance company to report the loss
  4. We will prepare a detailed report of all the damage, including hail damage, and an itemized estimate to repair your property to its pre-loss condition
  5. We will meet with your insurance company adjuster to discuss the necessary storm, wind, or hail damage repairs
  6. Your insurance company will complete an estimate and issue a payment as necessary
  7. We will review your insurance company's estimate to make sure it covers all the damage and associated repair costs
  8. We will sit down with you to discuss the insurance company's estimate and provide building material samples
  9. We will prepare a detailed work order/contract based on the building materials you choose.
  10. We will schedule a date for the renovations to commence
  11. We will complete the storm, wind, or hail damage repairs.
  12. We will submit the appropriate documentation to your insurance company
  13. We will ensure that the only out-of-pocket expense you'll be responsible for is your deductible.
Looking for a new roof, siding, windows or gutters? Call to request a free in-home estimate.

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