Stateside Exteriors Inc: Siding Storm Damage Repair In Cape May County, and Atlantic County New Jersey 

Storms in the New Jersey have been getting more severe and more frequent. Make sure your siding is prepared for the next one.

Siding damage from the weather is very common. Not only does it make your home look bad but in severe cases it can cause ruptures to the underlying materials resulting in moisture buildup or compromising the integrity of your siding. Siding is not just a beauty product – it’s also designed to protect your home.

Hail storms can inflict hidden damage by causing dimples or imprints onto your siding creating seams and cracks in the siding, flashing or material beneath the siding.

Stateside Exteriors Inc. specializes in siding repair and replacement of siding – vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc. With our years of experience we can quickly diagnose any issues and repair or replace your siding. We will work closely with you insurance company to make sure you get the best products without going out of pocket.

Call us for a free estimate on siding repair if your home has been damaged by storm.

August 28, 2011- Hurricane Irene left 706,000 people without power in Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Hurricane Irene brought lashing rain and wind gusts of up to 54 mph at the Philadelphia International Airport. Irene also brought winds of nearly 70 mph along the coast and 40 to 60 mph inland. The storm left five people dead in the state.
September 5, 2011- The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee brought over 6 to 10 inches of rain in South Jersey and Pennsylvania, some areas over 14 inches. Lee’s leftovers spread into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, in some areas causing severe flooding, and record rainfalls throughout much of Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.
October 29-30, 2012- Hurricane Sandy brought over 7 inches in Southern Pennsylvania. It as well took the lives of 16 people. Over 1.2 million people had no power throughout the whole state. Hurricane Sandy caused severe damage throughout the whole area.
June 7, 2013- Tropical Storm Andrea affects South-Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey with rainfall around 1-3 inches in Bucks, Montgomery, and other southern counties in the state.